2100 Solutions – NEW Ruby on Rails website NOW in production on Heroku

After a few embarassing announcements, and failed launches, I have successfully re-crafted my website2100solutionsLogofor 2100 Solutions Consulting, LLC.   This branding of my services includes, Program Management, BPM Strategy, Quality Assurance, Testing, Performance Preparation and Strategy, Automated Testing and Product Development.

Here is a URL for the Ruby on Rails website I just launched using the Heroku enviornment this weekend.  http://2100solutions.com

Heroku was by far the easiest host to implement.

Now a stable 24/7 presence with links to my external blogs and pursuits.

I have other RoR websites completed, but not yet launched on Heroku.   All published websites will be managed through GitHub.  My account at GitHub is WAFulbright, if you’d like to see or follow or contribute to my code!  Let’s do talk before you contribute!   Thanks!

Bill Fulbright



NOTICE:  The SDET FOUNDRY MEETUP will be on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 @ Panera Bread Company on Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, 30004.  7:00 PM.   Normally the first Thursday of the month.

Anyone who is an SDET resource, or who is learning the ropes to become one! We will be discussing RESTful API development, interfaces, RAMLs, WEB Development, Ruby, Cucumber – from a theory, learning and application approach. Bring your GAME!




See you there!  Bill