Your NEW BPM Testing Practice!

Bill Fulbright
Bill Fulbright, QA and BPM Testing Leadership

I will build your new BPM practice from the ground up using the latest Business process management technology and leadership tools.

We can begin with an already existing client who needs BPM improvement or doesn’t have it.

Or we can start with a brand-new client and bring them from start up – through maturity, to having a fully operational BPM workflow management system.

I have over eight years experience implementing highly complex BPM systems, with both Pega PRPC and Guidewire. 19 years total in QA and QA Management globally.

I am the only person who has ever provided live demonstrations of automated testing techniques BPM at PegaWorld.

I am a published author on the subject of BPM testing and automation.

I can help you take your business process management to the next level by creating transformation, efficiency and performance.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bill Fulbright